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Through one of the partner organisations, we supported a family (2 adults) with 12 weeks’ worth of travel. Their young son already had access to travel via the U22 NEC concession. Having access to travel was extremely important for this family. This allowed them the freedom and opportunity to travel together, attend their sons football games, visit various foodbanks throughout the city and improved both their physical and mental health.

Here’s what the family had to say about the support that they received from RSS:

“Two things – mental health improved and exercise. Save money. More availability for activities and foodbanks. Activities for kids, food and exercise. Travelled more as  a family… improved my mental and physical health.

We didn’t have to worry about money for transport and less stress. More money for food. 

Definitely travelled more frequently to football training and foodbanks. We don’t have enough support, money wise, so the tickets have helped us buy food for the children and travel with the children’s activities. Good mental health. Waking up in the morning and not knowing how you’ll get to your destination”

(The family’s name has been changed to protect their identity)