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Are you a researcher interested in mental health & racial justice? Do you have experience of participatory co-design with those with lived experience? We are looking for help to evaluate our mental wellbeing program, so we can understand how to expand this work. Please get in touch to find out more and have an informal chat about the role we are seeking.

Action Based Evaluation Brief

Who Refugee Sanctuary Scotland are?

Refugee Sanctuary Scotland (RSS) is a registered charity, which has a vision of a
welcoming, inclusive, safe Scotland for refugees and asylum seekers, where all live
free of destitution and have the means and opportunities to realise their full potential.
For over 28 years, their mission has focused on providing refugees and people
seeking asylum with practical support when it is most needed, building connections
between people and using what they learn to raise awareness and campaign for

What are RSS looking to implement and why?

Refugee Sanctuary Scotland are looking to develop and build upon the small-scale
mental health and wellbeing support that they already provide to refugees and asylum
seekers. They currently provide asylum seekers and refugees with opportunities to
reduce isolation, improve self-confidence, and support their overall mental health and
wellbeing through hiking activities, gym memberships and swimming. They do this by
creating a safe environment for individuals to engage with them.

RSS are looking to expand this work and develop further opportunities, provide trauma
informed counselling support, and create new partnerships and build on their current
ones. Within the development of this project, there will also be an element of mapping
of other services and opportunities and liaising with stakeholders and where
appropriate signposting. Over the last year, the learning and feedback from those who
accessed the initial project, has identified individuals have benefitted greatly from
these interventions as it has helped to create inclusion, build community connections,
and enhance positive mental health, due to this feedback, RSS are looking to expand
the provisions available and have a greater reach to support individuals further.

What is RSS seeking to evaluate?

RSS are looking to evaluate the above project, through both qualitative and
quantitative methods within its first few months of development. It is encouraged that
the research would seek to undertake participatory co design approaches to develop
evaluation. It is anticipated that the evaluation would seek the following:

  • Determine key learning and outcomes from the interventions.
  • Identify challenges that have been faced by staff and those accessing the
  • Outline any potential opportunities achieved from the project.
  • Provide an analysis on any areas for change or adaptation that would benefit
    the overall outcomes of the project to reduce isolation, enhance community
    integration and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

RSS are looking for proposals from researchers, which should include a clear outline
on how you would look to undertake this research and a full project budget. This would
include the costs for all those participating in the research including service users,
write up and any dissemination costs.

It is anticipated this work would be on a part time basis spread over a period of 6
months, with a completion date of the end of March 2025. with specific targeted
episodes of engagement with services and service users.

If you would like to discuss this, please contact Ekta Marwaha (Chief Executive Officer)
on or 07786242734

The closing date for proposals is 30th June 2024