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Born and grew up in Sarajevo (former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Hercegovina).  Graduated at University of Sarajevo (BSc in Agriculture, Animal Science).  Fled home country in 1992 aged 32.  Settled in UK (protracted and arduous process).  Graduated at Bristol University (MSc in Meat Science).  Worked in various senior management positions in the food industry last 26 years.  Last 13 years I have been working at Duncan Farms Ltd, a large egg producer based in Aberdeenshire as a Production Director. 

Coming from parents who both became refugees in WW2, (and returned after the war), I have developed strong pacifist feelings or better say, feelings of strong dislike of war and its effects.  

These feelings were only amplified by personal experience of having to flee the home country with young family. 

Through personal experience of being a refugee and knowing life stories of many others, I have built up the knowledge of dealing with long term issues people in similar circumstances are facing.

On personal level, my wife and myself, decided to be of help to any refugee we encounter and did it throughout our life in UK.  I joined RSS to use my life and professional experience, to offer help to people thrown into the situation not of their choosing, people who became refugees.